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12 May 2015 @ 03:13 am
ETA: Didn't realize this old request as still out there. Already found the fic ages ago. LOL I'll leave this here as a rec.

Rite of Fire by Andie P.

Summary: Methos is challenged two against one,and Duncan realises something has happened to him as a huge Quickening rips through the City.
21 November 2015 @ 12:28 pm
I’m looking for a story that takes place during “the modern Prometheus”. Duncan has a threesome with Methos and Byron, he does not take Byron’s head, and Methos leaves with Byron. Rating is at least mature.

This has been bugging me for some time. Any help would be much appreciated.

Similar fics would be great, too :-)
03 December 2015 @ 05:22 pm
I've been driving myself nuts trying to find three fics.

1. Richie leaves Seacouver and goes south. Methos eventually joins him. I remember a part were Methos had his tongue cut out and the local guy in power was interested in him because of his knowledge. He tells the guy he's a writer. I think Richie surfed too.

2. It had a friendship between Richie and Methos. Richie was going to college and Duncan was pretty much controlling what he was learning. Methos ended up tutoring Richie and helped him start on what he wanted.

3. The last is more general. I just remember Duncan gathering/calling on his 'clan' to help with taking care of Methos. I want to say it was mPreg but I'm not sure. I know it was after the whole horsemen mess.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
28 September 2015 @ 08:36 pm

I am looking for a story, that I think was on AO3 but for the life of me I cannot remember the ending! The title was Spring-something or maybe Seasons?

It was a Duncan/Methos pairing and the story began at a Regency-themed party, a female friend of Duncan's was hosting. Methos was invited and both were wearing breeches. When they left the party, Duncan was Challenged by an old enemy of Methos's, not that the Old Man recognized him at first. I remember Duncan ended up dying in Methos's lap (Yes, that really did happen!) but that's it.

The other thing I remember, is that the author talked about how this story had won first place in a Highlander fanfic competition.

Can anyone help me find this fic?

Once upon a time, I read a fic in which Methos was utterly convinced that his was the darkest quickening in existance, but then he took a head in front of Joe and MacLeod and they saw that it was actually the purest and lightest - or something to that effect. I've been searching for this fic for ages, and I thought I was on the right track with a reference made in Corwalch's InBetween - a Stargate/Highlander fic referencing strange events that may have occured in a preceeding fic (the name Mael, a referenced battle/death, Duncan witnessing Methos' Light Quickening 'a second time'.) but I haven't had any luck in uncovering what or where that preceeding fic might be.

If anyone knows the fic I'm searching for, or knows where it may have been, I'd be grateful for directions. :)
22 June 2015 @ 06:40 am
I know there are serveral out there, so I'm going to just post a blanket concept and see what gets dredged up.
I'm looking for fic where Methos is shot in the head and retains a brain injury of some kind for at least a little bit.
The fic I'm thinking of in particular may be an X-Files crossover, but honestly the trope is interesting enough to me that I'll take anything. :)

Additionally, fic where Methos takes a bad quickening are also super interesting, and I'd love recs for that too.

Thanks guys!
20 June 2015 @ 08:17 pm
Hello my wise friends! I devoured endless amounts of HL fic years and years ago, and now am finding that I did a very poor job of bookmarking them. But I would love to find some old favorites!
One that's been haunting me (I've tried all my google-fu and failed completely - I searched AO3 pretty fully, and I'm worried it was hosted on someone's personal site that I'll never be able to track down...) is a Methos & Joe fic. Gen, as far as I can recall, and mostly about those two men off on their own adventure. I believe it was Joe's POV for at least some if not all of it. The plot I'm quite sketchy on, but I believe it involved a road trip and some sort of quest line...

Things I remember:

  • Methos taking a head on holy ground and a churck sort of imploding around them

  • Methos being somewhat catatonic afterwords and Joe minding him and bringing him back to their hotel room

  • Joe having to fend off the hotel staff and him worrying about how the whole thing would look

  • An image of Methos wrapped up in a blanket on the bed

Anyone have an ideas or hints? I appreciate your help in advance!
If no one can dig it up, any other great Joe & Methos fic recs would be much appreciated too. :)

EDIT: Found it! Apparently I jinxed by asking. It is Bring Out Your Dead by Snow Leopard (link goes to FF.net)
31 March 2015 @ 09:39 pm
The first is a gathering story where before the final battle can take place Methos and MacLeod are taken by the government(?). They are then questioned and asked to plead their case as to why they should be "the one" and what they would do with the prize. The reason being that if humans are going to be ruled by an immortal they should get a say in who it is. I remember that they also question Joe. I remember both Duncan and Joe bringing up the horsemen as a reason why it shouldn't be Methos.

The second story is a Duncan/Methos story. Its post TBNTB (I think). What sticks out most is a scene where Methos has showed up at Duncan's. Duncan is hosting a study group and Methos comes out of the bathroom with no shirt on. I remember it being from Duncan's pov and him realizing that Methos is sexy and desirable to others. Methos may have flirted with the students.

If anyone can help it would be much appreciated as not finding these stories is driving me crazy.

*Stories found, links in comments.*
05 January 2015 @ 09:58 pm
Hi! Back in 2001, I read an amazing story which was Duncan/Methos-centric, mostly from Methos's point of view. Duncan was building a new house, and Methos was very glum because he thought it meant Duncan was ready to settle down with Amanda, and because all of their friends had been to see it, but Mac hadn't invited Methos.

Come the big reveal, and Methos slowly realizes that possibly his assumptions about Duncan's beloved were wrong, because it's a very very masculine house. Doesn't seem to fit Amanda. Hrm. [Further spoilers redacted per comm guidelines]

I don't know the title or the author, although I feel like the title was similar to "The Gift"? Perhaps? I was reading a lot off the Methos Boxer Brigade at the time, but it might have been elsewhere, too.

Any help or suggestions would be awesome, thanks!
02 November 2014 @ 05:56 pm
There was a crossover fic between Highlander and Interview with the Vampire, and the pairing was Methos/Louis/Lestat.

At one point, Louis and Methos were together in a cell, and Louis drained Methos to death a couple of times. Fun was had by all.

The title was Deadly Allies, the sequel was Between the Shadows, and they were by Isilwath, aka Terri Botta.

I'd really like to read it again, but the problem is that I first read it years ago, and I can't find a copy of the story anywhere. All the links I've tracked down are dead.

Does anybody know where I can find a copy of this story?

Please, help a fangirl out!