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20 June 2015 @ 08:17 pm
FOUND: Bring Out Your Dead by Snow Leopard  
Hello my wise friends! I devoured endless amounts of HL fic years and years ago, and now am finding that I did a very poor job of bookmarking them. But I would love to find some old favorites!
One that's been haunting me (I've tried all my google-fu and failed completely - I searched AO3 pretty fully, and I'm worried it was hosted on someone's personal site that I'll never be able to track down...) is a Methos & Joe fic. Gen, as far as I can recall, and mostly about those two men off on their own adventure. I believe it was Joe's POV for at least some if not all of it. The plot I'm quite sketchy on, but I believe it involved a road trip and some sort of quest line...

Things I remember:

  • Methos taking a head on holy ground and a churck sort of imploding around them

  • Methos being somewhat catatonic afterwords and Joe minding him and bringing him back to their hotel room

  • Joe having to fend off the hotel staff and him worrying about how the whole thing would look

  • An image of Methos wrapped up in a blanket on the bed

Anyone have an ideas or hints? I appreciate your help in advance!
If no one can dig it up, any other great Joe & Methos fic recs would be much appreciated too. :)

EDIT: Found it! Apparently I jinxed by asking. It is Bring Out Your Dead by Snow Leopard (link goes to FF.net)