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05 January 2015 @ 09:58 pm
Hi! Back in 2001, I read an amazing story which was Duncan/Methos-centric, mostly from Methos's point of view. Duncan was building a new house, and Methos was very glum because he thought it meant Duncan was ready to settle down with Amanda, and because all of their friends had been to see it, but Mac hadn't invited Methos.

Come the big reveal, and Methos slowly realizes that possibly his assumptions about Duncan's beloved were wrong, because it's a very very masculine house. Doesn't seem to fit Amanda. Hrm. [Further spoilers redacted per comm guidelines]

I don't know the title or the author, although I feel like the title was similar to "The Gift"? Perhaps? I was reading a lot off the Methos Boxer Brigade at the time, but it might have been elsewhere, too.

Any help or suggestions would be awesome, thanks!