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22 June 2015 @ 06:40 am
Looking for: Brain Injury Fic  
I know there are serveral out there, so I'm going to just post a blanket concept and see what gets dredged up.
I'm looking for fic where Methos is shot in the head and retains a brain injury of some kind for at least a little bit.
The fic I'm thinking of in particular may be an X-Files crossover, but honestly the trope is interesting enough to me that I'll take anything. :)

Additionally, fic where Methos takes a bad quickening are also super interesting, and I'd love recs for that too.

Thanks guys!
Julietallterror on October 18th, 2015 03:43 am (UTC)
Brain injury, bad quickening HL fanfic recs
I know this is a few months late, but I saw your post today and I do know of a few stories that fit some of what you were looking for. Some are old, some are newer.

"Darkest Hour" by killabeez at Ao3
It doesn't quite fits your description. It is an X-Files crossover and has Methos in it prominently, but another Immortal gets shot in the head and MacLeod's brain gets scrambled. Its slash.

"Amnesia" by Ascari on ff.net
Receiving two quickenings at the same time causes Methos to lose his memory.

"Seeing It Through" by Princess Nat on ff.net
When Methos is blinded by another Immortal, Connor and Joe try to convince him that he can still survive.

The Armed Intervention series by The Snow Leopard on ff.net and her website below.
You might be able to squeak by without reading the previous stories in the series, but here are the ones involving troublesome Quickenings.
"Snuff" After Joe is kidnapped and Methos is forced to fight too many Challenges.
"The Road to Hell" short oneshot follows it from a different perspective, but shows Methos' recovery from too many Quickenings starts.
I think the last one is only on Paula's website: http://thesnowleopard.net/arch2.html
"A Sea of Fate" wasn't finished, but Methos' behavior in the psyche ward is hysterical in the four chapters there.

"Persistence of Vision" also by killabeez
Slash, Methos takes a bad quickening.

"Ferox Coruscus" by Andixa at Ao3
Slash, Methos takes a bad quickening.

Hamlet's Ghost by Jinxed-Wood on ff.net
Methos has sudden memory loss and doesn't know what he was supposed to be doing or why he is where he is.

Hope that helps!